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10 Black Dietitians You Should Be Following on Instagram

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Every month is black history month and in February we emphasize it a bit more. So I want to celebrate by introducing you to 10 awesome black dietitians.

Did you know that less than 3% of Dietitians in the U.S. are black? This is why I am committed to amplifying black voices in the dietitic community as often as possible. Black people and people of color need to know that there are professionals who look like them, understand them, and can offer them a different perspective.

These are 10 black Dietitians (of many) who I am inspired by, admire and respect.

1. The Blood Sugar Nutritionist - Kim Rose is a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator who focuses on blood sugar management and nutrition. I first discovered Kim during my dietetic internship days through Youtube! Yes, she has a fabulous YouTube channel that educates not just the public but dietetic professionals. She has a wealth of knowledge and is changing people's perspectives of what it means to eat with diabetes. See for yourself by checking out her IG page, website, and hey why not youtube page?

2. YourHairNutritionist - Samaria Grandberry is an integrative dietitian, trichologist, and hairstylist who focuses on hair health and nutrition. Talk about triple threat! She is based in Tennessee and can help you optimize your health and have your hair looking fabulous!? Sign me up.

other ways to connect with Samaria:

3. PhxVeganDietitian - Rhyan Geiger is a vegan dietitian based in Arizona. Her main focus is teaching others how to eat more plants and easily make vegan swaps in their diets. She is an author of 2 vegan cookbooks and is active in media outlets. Check out her website and social media to learn more!

4. TheNutritiontea- Shana Spencer is a health-at-every-size dietitian nutritionist based in New York. She is not here for diet culture BS and expresses and explains it so beautifully with a bit of humor in many of her social media posts and soon-published book! An interesting fact Shana and I have in common other than our sarcastic humor is that we are former ballerinas! If you are not already, make sure to give Shana a follow with your mug empty because she is going to pour all the nutrition tea.

other ways to connect with Shana: her website and tiktock

5. Eatwellexchange - The founders of Eatwell exchange, a non-profit bringing nutrition education, culinary, and gardening skills to communities across American are two trailblazing dietitians Jasmine Westbrooks and Ashley Carter . They are making amazing changes in peoples' lives with nutrition using a hands-on approach. Make sure to check out Jasmine and Ashley's IG pages and support their non-profit!

6. NKfitnessandnutritionllc - Nijya Saffo is a Dietitian, fitness instructor, and member of the same sorority as me, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated! SKEE-WEE! She is founder of NK fitness and nutrition based in Ohio and sees nutrition clients virtually. She helps her audience and clients make healthy eating easy and lose weight. Check out her fitness youtube page .

Nijya's other social platforms to checkout:

7. The Embodied Dietitian - Katrice Mayo is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for nutrition for healing, well-being, and self-care. She is a mom, dietitian, and business owner like myself. If you are a fellow dietitian or RD2BE make sure to check out her merchandise store! Learn more about Katrice's service on her website of IG page.

8. Beautifuleatsandthings - Andy Mathis is dietitian based in Alabama and is the founder of Beautiful Eats and Things. She is a body-positive dietitian who helps us get our life together through tasty, nutritious, and beautiful recipes and lifestyle hacks, she even has a youtube page. She also is my sorority sister! Make sure to give Andy a follow and try out her recipes.

9. Et The Rd - Esther Tambe is a registered dietitian nutritionist who is committed to increasing awareness of eating disorders/disordered eating, diabetes, and weight inclusive nutrition counseling in black communities. She is also the co-founder of Fight for flights a nonprofit organization helping black women who survived or still living with breast cancer, travel the world without having to worry about the financial burden. Talk about inspirational. She is based out of my home state/area in Long Island, NY..."Strong Island stand up!". Make sure to connect with Esther.

10. Mindful eating dietitian - You know I had to add myself to the list, haha! Carlie is the owner of Crave with Carlie LLC, a virtual nutrition practice helping people of color navigate their food thoughts to improve their health and relationship with food from a holistic approach. I inspire myself every day by showing up for myself, my community, and my clients by educating and motivating through real and practical nutrition tips and recommendations.

All of these amazing dietitian women inspire me because I see a little piece of me inside of them and I think I speak for all of us that we hope our clients and patients can see that as well.

There are sooo many other black dietitians who inspire me I did not mention so I may have to create a part 2 maybe? Either way I am so fortunate to personally and/or virtually know these dietitians and happy to share the light they bring to the dietetics field.

If you are looking for a black dietitian to work with in your area you can reach out and I'll do my best to help but I highly recommend reaching out to National Organization of Black in Dietetics and Nutrition and Diversify Dietetics .

Let's celebrate #blackexcellence. Please check out and follow these amazing black Dietitians, and let them know I sent you 😉

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