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Carrot Cake Smoothie

Did you know every April 4th is International Carrot Day! Carrot Cake is one of my favorite desserts, especially the one my aunt makes. For a healthier alternative and time saver try this quick 5 minute smoothie recipe to enjoy as a snack, meal replacement (depending on the serving size), or dessert.

Carrots provide an excellent source of vitamin A. 3 ounces of carrots provide 70% daily value of vitamin A, that is a lot. A few major roles Vitamin A plays in our bodies are eye and skin health, as well as builds immunity from infection.

This Carrot Cake Recipe can be enjoyed at anytime and have fun with it. I made this a few times in various ways and there are plenty ways to change it up, like:

  • adding 1/2 a pear instead of grapes

  • changing up the nuts to your choice (pumkpkin seeds could be a good alternative!)

  • Using part coconut milk and part almond milk

  • sprinkling coconut flakes on top

  • add chia or hemp seeds

Make this recipe yours and share with me what you changed up and how you liked!

Crave Nutritiously,


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